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Main Chiropractic Services

The goal of Main Street Chiropractic is to improve or maintain mobility. The function of our joints is to move our body and when an area is not fully mobile, like the low back, we experience stiffness, pain, inflammation and muscle spasm. This situation does not promote healing. The hands on chiropractic adjustment which is like a small, fast stretch is the most effective tool to restore joint mobility, inhibit muscle spasm and thereby reduce symptoms. Soft tissue therapy and stretches are used to help in the treatment but it’s the key chiropractic adjustment that unlocks the joint and reduces stress on the area by returning it to more normal movement.

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Main Chiropractic Personal Training Centre

Our lifelong commitment to exercise and a healthy lifestyle at Main Street Chiropractic Clinic forms the foundation of what we want to share with our patients. The expert knowledge of how the body works directs our approach to rehabilitation therapy and personal training. Whether someone is using exercise to rehabilitate an injury or to improve strength and fitness, with or without chiropractic care, we can help maximize their physical goals.

Back and neck, shoulder and hip conditions are mechanical problems that we provide excellent mechanical solutions for. The focus on strengthening weak areas is the best way to prevent injuries and improve overall function. Patients from their teens to their eighties, beginner to world ranked athletes have benefited from our support.

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About Main Chiropractic

Based in Ottawa Dr. Dimitri Bichet has been in private practice with Main Street Chiropractic since 1999. He graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College West in San Jose, California. Originally from Montreal, where he completed Bachelors and Masters Degrees from McGill University, he is fluently bilingual.

Dr. Bichet specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of spinal and sports related injuries. He uses a functional approach in his assessment and treatment, integrating chiropractic care and exercise rehabilitation according to the individual’s needs. He has treated nationally and world ranked athletes in weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, gymnastics, rowing, mixed martial arts and fencing.
His passion is to improve his patients’ health with chiropractic, exercise and nutrition.

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